Looking after the Reef

Moray EelHey kids, Billy would like all “Squid Kids” to become our friends for reef protection and preservation.

The whole Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is a “World Heritage Area” and we are very privileged to visit this special place. So when we are there, we must not touch corals or any of the marine animals. We are not allowed to take anything from the reef as a souvenir – but we can take lots of pictures as memories forever!

Did you know?

When we’re at home, there are lots of simple things we can do that will help look after the animals and marine life that live in the Great Barrier Reef and reduce what is called “Greenhouse gases” in our environment.

So here’s some great tips from the Squid Squad on how we can all help to protect the Great Barrier Reef, and even help save on the power bill too!

  • Sword FishBilly the Squid says we should recycle whenever we can. We must not be litterbugs and if you see rubbish, pick it up and recycle or dispose of it thoughtfully.
  • Sandy the Mermaid always uses re-useable bags instead of plastic bags when she goes shopping. Sandy also says we should dry our clothes the natural way, not in the dryer.
  • Scuba Boy says we should remember to turn off the TV and computer and any other electrical devices when not in use. It’s also a really good idea to turn off extra lights around the house.
  • Scooter the Seahorse says to drive less: Car pooling or catching the bus or train are good ideas, but Scooter loves to scoot along – you can walk or ride your bike!
  • Shaboo the Reeftip Shark says don’t put chemicals or rubbish down the drain as what washes down sinks and drains could end up on the Reef.
  • Spud the Potato Cod says that planting trees is very good because they take up carbon dioxide as they grow.

Can you think of some more ideas?

If you would like lots more information about the Great Barrier Reef, you can visit the Quicksilver Group’s environmental website “Reef Biosearch”.