Reef Bits

TurtleDid you Know?

  • It is the largest reef in the world - extending over 2300 km (1300 miles) along the Australian coast.

  • WOW! Astronauts can see it from the moon! They describe it as a “fine white line in the blue ocean"

  • There are over 2900 reef and 900 islands in the Great Barrier Reef.

  • It covers a huge area of 35 million hectares - that's about 70 million football fields.

The Great Marine Life...

The Great Barrier reef has some of the greatest diversity of marine life in the world

  • 1500 types of fish
  • 400 types of coral
  • 26 types of whales & dolphins
  • 4000 types of snails & clams
  • 100 types of starfish